Even though she’s gone, I still feel my mom’s presence in everything I do.

Photo of my mom and I holding hands. She is pregnant with my sister.
Photo of Author and Her Mom: My mom is pregnant with my sister while holding my hand.

I watched my mom take her last breath. Even in her last moments, I still had hope she would pull through. As I whispered into her ear everything I wanted to say, it was the furthest away I’ve ever felt from her. …

Your relationship status is just a label, not a determination of your value.

A woman sitting in a field of flowers holding a mirror and smiling at herself
Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted a fairytale ending. We romanticize the day we will finally meet the person of our dreams and start building a life together. Even those of us who are skeptical of happily ever after hold this glimmer of hope that someday it…

Antonelle Cara

On a journey of constant learning and self-growth. Nonconformist. Passionate about minimalism and animal rights. https://antonellecara.medium.com/membership

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